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P’CELL is a trademark of KenRidgeAsia (Singapore) skincare products and targeted treatment for specific skin problem such as acnes, acnes scar, eczema, woundcare…
P’CELL was created from the application of a special stem cell technology, called Single Cell Cloning Technology – The Technology which cultured, extracted, purified from one of the BEST CELL. Our products contain CALECIM™ and PLASMA*. CALECIM™ (a registered trademark of CellResearch Corporation) and contains a concentrated amount of the complex cell growth factors which extracted from stem cells from Red Deer umbilical cord from News Zealand. PLASMA (the combination of protein and other ingredients which extracted from Bird Nests Mosa tissue and Cleaned completed Super Bird Nests using SINGLE CELL CLONING TECHNOLOGY) to renew and regenerate skin cells.

 Incentive daily care

Moisturizer Cream

Multi Perfect Cream

P'cell Colagen Daily

P'cell Gold

P'cell Silver

 Regenerative & Anti-aging

P'cell Colagen Plus

P'cell Plattinum

P'cell Filler

P'cell Laser



 Tageted treatment products

P'cell WoundCare

P'cell ScarCare

P'cell Acnes

P'cell Eczema

P'cell HairGrow

Anes Scar Treatment

Wrinkle Reduction

Pigmentation Reduction

Hair Lost Treatment

P’Cell for Scar Treatment

Wound Healing & Repair